Ħallini Ninħall

Photo: Inizjamed

Photo: Inizjamed

What is your full name?

Keith Shanaziah Van Basten Borġ. (There’s another one…Cleavage…but please keep it to yourself!!)

If you had to lie about your age, how old would you be?

Usually people think I’m older (I’m 29) so up till now there was no need to lie. On the other hand, sometimes one needs to be clear since I’m often mistaken for a Taliban terrorist…

Satan or Cthulhu?

A hybrid to enhance Cthulhu’s powers and add more to his appearance. But I have to admit that Satan is more appealing…

Charles Darwin or Mark Zuckerberg?

Neither. I’ll go for whoever writes the scripts for Maltese drama on TV.

Which film would you remake?

I’m not really fond of remakes.

Andrew Lloyd Webber is writing a musical about your life. What’s it called?

Meeting the Mad Hatter – I concoct fairy tales in my mind and try to live there comfortably!

If you could, what book would you write out of existence?

None because even the shittiest book has a purpose.

So why should we come to ĦALLINI NINĦALL?

Free booze!!… I wish! I will share my poetry accompanied by some music and anecdotes (often naughty) on how some pieces came to be, in a very relaxed environment. No elitists allowed. I believe that poetry speaks to everyone in different forms.

By the way, what’s the colour of your favourite pillowcase?

Light Blue.

Read some of Keith’s poems HERE

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