Robocop’s Daddy: My 9 Favourite Paul Verhoeven Films

Total Recall (1990) Poster

Paul Verhoeven belongs to that rare species of filmmakers who made the transition from homegrown director to big budget Hollywood movie Meister without compromising much of his artistic and aesthetic panache. There were a couple of missteps along the way (most notably 2000’s Hollow Man) but on the whole he retained his artistic integrity throughout.

Think of him in terms of a Dutch David Cronenberg.

9. Total Recall (1990)

It’s the year 2084 and Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger), a construction worker, is having recurrent, disturbing dreams about Mars. His wife Lori (Sharon Stone) dismisses his anxiety but he goes to ‘Rekall’, a company which provides memory implants of vacations. Quaid opts to experience a trip to Mars in the guise of a secret agent but he reacts violently to the procedure even before the memory is implanted. The company workers have to re-sedate him. However, they also erase his memory and, on his return home, he is ambushed.

Read the rest of the list HERE.


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