The Next Stage: Imxi Warajja

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It’s been ages since I’ve been on stage. The last thing I did was The Burlesque Monster Cruise way back in 2011, where I played a foul-mouthed, foul-smelling Kapitan.

This time round I’m a lawyer.

Imxi Warajja, the brainchild of Bryan Muscat and Chrysander Agius, takes place during a prayer meeting hosted by self-righteous guru (and slightly creepy) Alan Attard (Agius), an evangelist-cum-healer-cum-salesperson who is more interested in filling his pockets with money than heaven with absolved souls. George (Daniel Chircop), Ramona (Gertrude Borġ Marks), Henry (yours truly) and Katie (Alba Florian Viton), four former members of Alan’s choir, visit him in what is A Christmas Carol kind of twist.

Rehearsals have been going on for a number of weeks now and they’re at a very good stage. Sight and sound technicalities are being tweaked as we speak and these will certainly help to gel everything together.

Anyway, Imxi Warajja will be staged at The Drama Unit in Blata l-Bajda. Tickets are €15 each and can be bought from Telezone in Qormi and Call Zone in Paola (as more outlets are available, I’ll update accordingly). The play will happen on the 15th, 16th and 17th of November 2013 at 20:00.

Visit the FACEBOOK page.

The official site is HERE.


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