This is the End (2013)

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😦

This is the End is definitely one of the funniest and funnest films to grace the silver screen this year.

Jay Baruchel pops over to his friend Seth Rogen‘s for a bit of catching up. They spend the afternoon eating, bonging and gaming, after which Seth mentions that James Franco is hosting a housewarming party. Jay reluctantly agrees to go but feels left out and bored out of his skull. He leaves the party to go to buy cigarettes and Seth, feeling somewhat guilty, accompanies him. Suddenly, rays of blue light hit the convenience store, beaming up several customers. Amid total chaos, the two friends head back to Franco’s house.

The cast is made up of comedy gold. Besides the ones mentioned above, there is Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Michael Cera and Danny McBride, all of whom play themselves. This paves the way for a steady stream of meta buffoonery which, luckily, is more hit than miss. Even when a scene is not that good (vide the ‘you didn’t learn to jizz in a fucking sock?‘ altercation) this is so obviously played for laughs that you cannot but join in the laddish fun. They must have had a blast doing this.

Ocean’s Eleven for the Judd Apatow generation.


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